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Looky what I found Empty Looky what I found

Post by Jenna on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:09 am

I was on Essence even before I was really on Essence lol. Hawkington aka douche bag was kicked from Divine for hating me lol. I "dumped him" because he was a jerk to Josh, Boba, and K. I stumbled across this post just by accident. Some people can never let things go.


The drama, don't even get me started! There was soooo much drama on that server and a LOT of people on there were idiots and immature. There was one person who was a huge source of drama, I don't want to say her name because it's not important but my god was she a drama queen. I used to be in one of the big guilds on that server and I got kicked because I didn't like this girl. She wasn't even the guild master. She ran the guild though. She told the guild master what to do, which is really sad that he let her control him. Even after I joined a different guild the drama she caused would follow me

Anyways, like my friend says, I'm a duck. Just letting it roll off lol.


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